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  • Registration is now open! Registration is now open for spring classes at Valley Temple. Make sure to check out our field trips page for special programs this Spring.

Welcome to Second Semester! Spring classes are at Valley Temple from 5:30-7:10pm. There is a free, optional dinner from 5-5:30 each week. Students must RSVP for dinner.

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11th Grade Classes

Kulanu Band
Rabbi Kopnick and Rabbi Danziger
Join Kulanu's Band and explore how music impacts and changes spiritual and communal moments and experiences. Students will engage with the music through discussion, playing music and writing their own! This class is for students who have played an instrument for at least one year or who have been in a choir for at least one year. This class will perform several times throughout the semester and will require at least two early rehearsals before Kulanu. This class is open to all Kulanu students.

Jewish Spirituality and Art
Rabbi Terlinchamp
This class explores the many ways visual art plays a role in the way Jews pray, express ourselves and process our history. Through text study, art history and our own art practices we will seek to delve into what it means to bring our art into Judaism and our Judaism into our art. This class is open to all Kulanu students.

Mussar Yoga
Dianne Ben Mayor
Use Yoga and Mussar (a Jewish path of character development) to explore the physical dimension of ethical behaviors such as humility, generosity, enthusiasm and gratitude. Each week a new character development trait will be explored through yoga poses and the practice of breath work. Come sit, chat, move, stretch, and breath to cultivate deeper Jewish self-discovery. This class is open to all grades. Students who took this class in the Fall are not eligible for the course this Spring.

Jews, Superheroes, Comics, and Cartoons
Darryl Dick
The class will explore the impact that Jewish writers and artists had in creating our nation's most beloved comic book superheroes. Through 500 PowerPoint slides, animations and comics, the class will explore how Jewish history, culture, values, and morals shaped the comic book industry. This class is for 10th, 11th and 12th graders who have not previously taken the course. Priority will be given to 11th and 12th graders.

Kulanu Leadership
Dori Singer Zoot
This course will help provide the teens with a toolkit of leadership skills, and a clear plan that
charts goals for their leadership trajectory. Using Kulanu as their experimentation lab, teens will have opportunities to learn about and practice programs, budget, and community engagement (IE plan Kulanu dinners). Each lesson will help each teen develop a deeper understanding of their own strengths through a lens of deep Jewish values. This class is for 10th and 11th graders.

I'm Going to Israel, Now What?
Chaverim M'Israel – Adi Itscovich and Asaf Munk
Meet each week with the Chaverim (Friends) M'Israel -- your peers from Israel. You will discuss all the realities of Israel. What's happening now in Israel. Understand the politics. Understand the music. Discuss the top foods, fashion, art, culture, top news stories each week, and learn from Israelis who are (almost) your age. This is the class where you can find out everything you ever needed to prepare for visiting Israel. And make great friends... from Israel. This class is for 10th and 11th graders who are planning on traveling to Israel soon.

Monday – Midweek Kulanu Elective
Jewish Social Justice Elective
Mondays at 7-8:15pm
Rabbi Thomashow
One of Judaism's contributions to literature, ethics, and justice is the volume Pirkei Avot. Recently, the Reform movement published a phenomenal commentary on Pirkei Avot dedicated to the lens of Social Justice. We will study, debate, converse, and engage with this book and by doing so, dedicate ourselves to social justice. This class is for 11th and 12th graders who can not attend Sunday evenings at Kulanu. Participation in this course is a replacement for Sunday evenings.


Monthly Quote

"Jewish spirituality is an approach to life in which we strive to become aware of God's presence and purpose in everything."

-Rabbi Micah Greenstein