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11th Grade Classes

Both bells are electives. 

First bell options

“Wonder Women” in the Text 
Rabbi Coran
This course offers a chance to explore little known stories in the Bible and look at familiar narratives in new ways. How do these traditions impact our understanding of gender both during ancient and modern times? Which #metoo stories are timeless? We reflect on our evolving understanding of gender identity. All genders and all grades welcome.

Dungeons and Dragons – The Jewish History Edition (CLOSED)
Matt Derrenbacher
Explore pivotal points in Jewish history by immersing yourself in Dungeons & Dragons-style gameplay. As you make your way through these time periods, you will meet important historical figures, traverse the historical landscape, and make your own decisions. Will you make the same decisions as those who came before us or will you forge your own path through history? No previous experience with Dungeons & Dragons is required. This class is open to all grades. 

Step into Jew-Ture with the Teen Collective (CLOSED)
Austin Zoot and the Teen Collective
Welcome, Rosh (leader)! Ever wonder what it could be like to author your own adventures as you build your own “Sims-esque” Jewish experience? Every decision is yours as you explore Jewish wisdom and text to create your own Jewish experience. Utilize the elements of “Design Thinking” to custom design a prototype of your very own Jewish experience that integrates the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and a model for success. This class is offered through the Teen Collective and is based on elements of “Design Thinking”. As such, the class is experiential and student-centered. The semester will conclude with a prototype and the opportunity to bring their experiences to life. This class is for 9th - 11th graders.

Netflix through Jewish Goggles
Dori Singer Zoot & Wise Temple Clergy 
Does God exist in the world of Netflix? How about the Jewish people? Come explore the many ways that Jewish themes and ideas manifest in popular television shows. We will discuss how to put on our "Jewish Goggles" and look at the world. Can the recognition of our Jewish traditions in Netflix episodes teach us about how to live meaningful, thoughtful, and committed lives as Jews, all while remaining deeply rooted in the contemporary world? Class discussions will focus on watching a previously-viewed TV show episode. Approximately 45 minutes of viewing before each lesson and access to a Netflix account will be required in order to fully participate in the course. This class is for 9th -11th graders and requires regular homework of watching TV episodes. A class syllabus with TV episodes will be shared in advance. 

Second Bell 11th Grade Options 

Jewish Spirituality and Art
Rabbi Terlinchamp
This class explores the many ways visual art plays a role in the way Jews pray, express ourselves and process our history. Through text study, art history, and our own art practices, we will delve into what it means to bring our art into Judaism and our Judaism into our art. This class is open to all Kulanu students.

Yoga Beri’ut 
Dianne Ben Mayor
This class explores the use of Yoga and the Jewish value of Beri’ut Health to explore the connection of mind, body, Judaism and wellness. This gentle and grounded yoga series is rooted in Jewish practice and will keep students moving physically and spiritually as they discover balance, both on and off the mat. This session is for 11th and 12th graders and has limited spots available. For those who do not get in this Fall, a waitlist for the Spring semester will circulate after the start of school. Students may not take this class both semesters.

The Israeli- Palestinian Conflict
Anna Meyers
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is, at its core, a conflict over who controls and exercises rights in the same strip of land, resources, and holy sites. Almost as soon as it began, the peace process faced profound challenges and setbacks. In recent years, it has stalled to the point of near collapse. This class will offer a multiplicity of perspectives as we build dialogue and learning across a range of political differences on Israel. We aim to share views in a non-partisan manner that invites open inquiry. We invite you to learn and join us with an open mind and heart as we delve into recent Israeli political history and the potential conflict solutions. This class is taught with educational resources and support from “Resetting the Table”. This session is for 11th and 12th graders.

Monday – Midweek Kulanu Elective
Jewish Social Justice Elective
Mondays at 7-8:15pm at the JCC Lobby
Rabbi Thomashow
This semester’s social justice mid-week elective will begin with the topic of racial justice—in particular, how does our Jewish tradition’s approach to race and justice prepare us to enter the public conversation about it? Once the class begins, students will be empowered to take this elective in the direction of their choosing! This class is for 11th and 12th graders who can not attend Sunday evenings at Kulanu. Participation in this course is a replacement for Sunday evenings.



Monthly Quote

"Jewish spirituality is an approach to life in which we strive to become aware of God's presence and purpose in everything."

-Rabbi Micah Greenstein