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Kulanu meets at Valley Temple second semester.
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RSVPs will be available on our website about a month in advance. They are sent via email each week and available online. Check back to this section for dinner RSVPs during the school year.

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March 1 - Pizza

March 8 - Chinese Food

March 15 - Skyline

April 5 - Pizza

April 19 Sandwich Bar

April 26 Chipotle

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9th Grade Classes

For Spring 2020, Freshman will pick electives for both first and second bell.

First Bell

Current Events Description
Anna Meyers
Our world - both locally and globally -is constantly changing in dynamic, exciting and challenging ways. Each week, we will examine current events that directly and indirectly affect our lives, in addition to exploring Judaism's responses to what's happening in the world around us. Students will have the opportunity to choose the events most relevant to their lives to drive the discussion and dive into topics of their choice. This class is for 9 & 10th grades.

Jewish Magic and Mysticism
Rabbi Coran
Did you know that all modern Western magical practices, including astrology, tarot, numerology, dream divination, and angelology have their roots in the Torah, Talmud and the Jewish mystical/magical tradition known as Kabbalah? In this class, you will learn about the ancient, medieval and modern Jewish history and the practice of magical techniques. What is allowed and  prohibited in Judaism? In the process of becoming familiar with Kabbalistic teachings, you will encounter a spiritual dimension of Judaism which you will find quite surprising. As a part of this journey, you will also attain some new insights into yourself. This class is open to 9-11th graders.

Modern Jewish Music
Matt Derrenbacher
“Modern Jewish Music” will explore the history of Jewish music leading up to the modern day. Since this is a listening and discussion based course, musical experience or knowledge are not necessary — rather, simply come to class willing to experience the music and join in on the discussion! We will discover the development of “Jewish music,” learn how Jewish themes, melodies, and religious and cultural ideas have made their way from the synagogue into the larger global communal sphere, and even explore how they became integrated into the musical genres of rap and metal. If you’re a fan of music and Judaism, this class is for you! This class is open to 9-11th graders.

Modern Hebrew Crash Course
Jason Schapera
Hebrew is more than just the language of the Torah and prayer - it is a living, spoken language through which we are able to connect with Israel, Jews worldwide, and ourselves. In this course, we will learn the essentials of Modern Hebrew in spoken and written formats. Students will build proficiency in Hebrew through conversation, music, film, and television. This class is open to 9-11th graders.

Yoga Beri’ut
Dianne Ben Mayor
This class explores the use of Yoga and the Jewish value of Beri’ut  (health) to explore the connection between mind, body, Judaism and wellness. This gentle and grounded yoga series is rooted in Jewish practice and will keep students moving physically and spiritually as they discover balance, both on and off the mat. This session is for 9th and 10th graders and has limited spots available. This class is for students who did not take the class this fall.

Second Bell:

Dungeons and Dragons – The Jewish History Edition
Matt Derrenbacher
Explore pivotal points in Jewish history by immersing yourself in Dungeons & Dragons-style gameplay. As you make your way through these time periods, you will meet important historical figures, traverse the historical landscape, and make your own decisions. Will you make the same decisions as those who came before us or will you forge your own path through history? No previous experience with Dungeons & Dragons is required. This class is open to all students who did not take the course in the fall.

Israeli Culture
Chaverim and Dori Zoot
Meet each week with the Chaverim M'Israel (Friends from Israel) and Dori Singer Zoot as you experience Israeli culture. Discover what is happening now in Israel. Understand the politics. Understand the music. Discuss foods, fashion, art, top news stories each week! Explore the cross-connective role that American pop culture has within Israel, and that Israeli pop culture has within America. This class is for 9th grade.

Empowering Voices: Arts for Social Justice
Jennifer Clark
“Justice, Justice you Shall Pursue”!  How do you pursue justice?  What matters to you?  How do you express the things that matter to you in your everyday life?  What does your connection to Judaism look like, sound like, move like, and feel like to you? Through the lens of art, musicians, writers, artists, dancers have taken a creative approach to justice in different ways. Gain inspiration from famous Jewish visual artists, musicians and poets who used their art-form to express their own Jewish stories and perspectives. Let’s get creative and see just how you can get your own message across by incorporating the arts into our lives. This class is for 9th grade.

Jewish Law in the Modern world
Jason Schapera
What does the Talmud teach us about Presidential tweets? What does the Mishnah tell us about identity and politics? Can Rabbi Yohanan help navigate social media arguments? Classical Jewish texts cover a breadth of subjects that extend far beyond the subjects we are used to experiencing. In this class we will examine a variety of legal texts and see what they can teach us about various issues in the modern world. This class is open to all students.



Monthly Quote

"Jewish spirituality is an approach to life in which we strive to become aware of God's presence and purpose in everything."

-Rabbi Micah Greenstein